Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A little catching up...in pictures

I wanted to add some pictures of the last month or so(all of these may be from April). Buddy's school held a Trike-a-thon to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, and the kids had a blast. It was also Fiesta time in San Antonio, so that's the reason for all of the colorful decor on the bikes and scooters. Nugget and I had a great time cheering the kids as they round around.

Buddy has a Strider Bike. It's a bike without pedals, and we're hoping to avoid training wheels because of it. He knows how to glide, and he's getting better at going faster. These bikes are so cool....Sandman and I wish we could get one, too!

Ready to race!
Sizing up the "competition" next to him.
Both feet off the ground! Love that bike!
Go sit next to your brother so I can take of picture of you both looking away from the camera.

We also went to Command Day on base with Daddy, and even though the camera battery died soon after we got there, we were able to snap a few pics with the planes. And no, that's not one of Sandman's planes, and we're not stationed at Offutt.
Mr. Big Time
Obligatory Tummy Picture- don't ask...
My Air Force Brats
Over der, Mommy!!!
Mr. Big Time, again
And there's that tummy, again...
My next blog will have more pictures, too. I'm terrible about uploading pics, and this blog is making me get it done!