Monday, April 27, 2009

coconuts and college

Buddy's class at school has been learning about bugs, plants and Earth Day type things. They are hatching (growing?) caterpillars that should be butterflies in a few weeks, so I asked him about the caterpillars one afternoon.
Me: "What are your caterpillars at school doing?"
Buddy: "First they eat a lot and then they grow in their coconuts."
Me: stifling my laughter..."oh. Are they in their cocoons now?"
Buddy: pausing...I'm pretty sure he muttered "cocoons" realizing he'd misspoken. "No, they're still eating."
Me: "What do they eat?"
Buddy: "Brown stuff."
Me: "What is the brown stuff?"
Buddy: "Food. Brown stuff. Made out of concrete." (he pronounces this cron-creek)
Me: "Where do the caterpillars live?"
Buddy: "They live at college."
Me: "Then they become cocoons?"
Buddy: "Yes, and then they make butterflies."
Me: "Where do they go once they become butterflies?"
Buddy: "They go to college."

Then I played along with this whole college thing and asked what they do at college. He told me that they swim and play games. Sounds good to me. I asked him if they study. He said no. Sounds about right.

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The Wilburs said...

LOL. This is too cute. I love conversations with toddlers. :)