Saturday, April 18, 2009

sick, sicker, sickest

All three men in this house have been sick. I have not been stricken with the stomach bug yet, and I'm praying I won't be. The one thing that's worse than everyone else being sick, is everyone else AND Mommy being sick!

We're really lucky in that our boys just don't get sick that often, but this bug has knocked us off our feet. I have never seen my Buddy so pathetic. He's a trooper though. He'd puke into his trash can, and Sandman and I would tell him we were sorry he's feeling bad. He'd respond, "it's okay. it happens." What a brave little fellow! His attitude through the whole ordeal has been way more mature than I'd expect for a 3 year old. Heck, he's more mature than I am when I'm sick....I'm beyond pathetic.

Our weather's been sort of crappy these last few days, so at least I've been stuck inside with sick kids and not with bouncing-off-the-walls-lemme-out kids. And we need the rain, too. But we've lost the weekend...watching movies for hours and doing nothing could be a vacation, but I'm tired of being homebound. I'm praying Nugget wakes up fine in the morning, because if he's symptom free, he and I will escape to church and leave the two sickest ones here. I need a break!

And here's my boys when they aren't sick. Ignore the pile of clothes...this was the day after we got back from Colorado. They had a blast with the empty suitcases. They are even wearing their seatbelts.


Jody and Emily said...

do you remember when we would play in empty sucases during those "oh so fun cousin summers?" For some reason I rmember putting you, joy, or stanton in empty sucases...or maybe it was me!

Fun memories!

KJ said...

Haha! We probably put you in one.... Those summers were nuts.